Kathy Kerber's Piano Studio


 Incentives Program!  



Qualification Period: October 1st thru May 31st


  • Students earn tickets by practicing regularly, exceeding requirements, ear training activities, learning scales, memorization, completing theory and technique requirements, achieving specific goals we set, composing music, playing duets, sight reading, rhythm exercises, etcetera  
  • Students turn in tickets for prizes, including a game only lesson with Mrs. K, movie tickets, an invitation to the FREE end of the year pizza party at Brewery City, an invitation for a friend, CASH, and those who REALLY bring it will earn a cool t-shirt in whatever color and size they want OR a personalized music bag!  
  • All tickets turned in are added to the end of the year drawing for a cool holograph-like grand piano lamp



Level One 4 tickets

FREE GAME DAY with Mrs. K  

Students who have reached this level:  Theodore R., Silas F., Jude .F, 

Level Two +3 tickets

1 movie pass to Regal or Century Theatres    

Level Three +3 tickets

Invitation for yourself to a FREE Pizza Party at Brewery City in Tumwater


Level Four +3 tickets

Invitation for a friend to a FREE Pizza Party at Brewery City in Tumwater

Level Five +3 tickets:

Tee-shirt or personalized music bag 

T-Shirt adult sizes

Any color, any gender, any size, BUT only this “classic t-shirt” style and regular material due to cost.

T-Shirt kids sizes   
Any color, any style, any size. There are fewer options for kids t-shirts


Personalized zippered piano music bag

Level Six +3 tickets: