Kathy Kerber's Piano Studio


Dear Kathy,

Thanks for having been a part of our family for 2 years.  We looked forward to Mondays when we get to visit with you.  You persevered through the first year when my kids were tired and frustrated.  I would like to know where you get your patience from??!!  Please give me some.  We are so sad that we couldn't bring you to Seattle with us.  If  it wasn't for your patience, flexibility and talent, our kids would have never learned piano because of our crazy work schedules.  Thanks again and we miss you.


Mu and Chris Honsberger


Dear Mrs. Kerber,

It has been wonderful having you come to our house every week to teach our three boys piano.   It was such a lucky day for us when our neighbor told us about you.   There could have been no way for me to drive all three young boys to take piano lessons and have them wait around for each other.  We like your patient and relaxed style of teaching, and especially love that you arrange for the recitals to be held in a nursing home.  Such a giving spirit.

Wendy and Gerry Nixon