Kathy Kerber's Piano Studio



My name is Kathy Kerber.  I also answer to Mrs. K, Miss Kathy, Mrs. Kathy, Mrs. Kerber, Kathy...well, you get the picture.  I am a teacher because I have found such joy in music, that I want to share it!  I am also a pianist, composer, vocalist, and singer/songwriter, but I find my greatest sense of fulfillment in teaching.  I especially love that my career allows me to guide students of all ages to be able to use music to express themselves!  I am primarily self-taught,  and I provide instruction from beginning through early intermediate piano, including basic music theory, note reading, interval and rhythm patterns, scales, chords, and ear training.


I have been gifted with the ability to be patient and encouraging, and I work hard to connect with each student, so we have a foundation of trust and mutual respect from which to engage a lesson.  Because constant correction can be a very difficult environment for students to navigate, I try to be aware of their state of mind and emotions during the lesson, and to be empathetic to their experience. For each student, I endeavor to be the very best teacher I can be.


To find out more about me, start with the "My Studio" tab at the top of the page.  I've tried to include everything you might want to know, but if you do still have questions, you can email me here:  Contact Me

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